Who Are We

Who Are We?

Kurma was born out of a friendship between two yogis whose paths converged in a sense of fatigue about just going through the motions of life.  They wanted to tap into what made them feel truly alive.  Yoga had been the vehicle that helped them to really know themselves better and had been an anchoring point for both of them.  They wanted to share this passion for the power of yoga with the world and thus Kurma was born, a yoga brand committed to authenticity.   


Edgar is a yoga teacher in Mexico City. His passion for yoga is rivaled only by his passion for motorbikes and music, all three providing opportunities for new experiences and new ways to understand himself.  


 “I was drawn to yoga by the promise of developing a greater self-knowledge, by the desire to go further into understanding who I was.  In the complexity of learning about myself and the frustration of confronting my own pain, I found the practice of yoga which would later also become my vocation.  My practice allowed me to understand myself, the root of my pain, my desires and my way of seeing the world. In this process, I began to develop a language for what I was experiencing, to transmit what my body and mind needed to express.  I believe there is a deep need in many of us to know ourselves better, but a lack of places and ways for people to do this. My passion is to use yoga to help give people the tools for this exploration”. 


Amy started yoga at the age of 35 when she moved from Australia to Mexico City.  She now lives in London where she is training to become a yoga teacher.   


“I was initially drawn by the challenge of the physical practice of yoga and the strength and flexibility I began to build.  For someone who could barely reach past my knees, getting my body to bend a little was essential for me.  However this focus on the physical outcome was soon surpassed by the effect yoga was having on me internally.   Yoga has helped me move away from what didn’t serve me and given me the tools to try to live with honesty, curiosity and openness and to stay close to what makes my soul sing.  I am learning to let go of being focused on outcome so that I can make space for grace to work its magic in the process, both on and off my mat.   Stepping on to my mat each day is like arriving home to stillness. My passion is for people to find their spark and live a life that feels true to them.  Working to build Kurma is that spark for me.”