Fashion has a lot to answer for in the effect it has had on our planet.  We do not want to push consumerism and hope that the quality of our fabrics and designs mean that you can hold on to your products and reuse them for a long time.  A few ways we are trying to improve our own footprint:

It has been a long journey to find fabrics that are eco-friendly and also technically high performance and it is an area that is rapidly improving.  We are choosing the very best option every time and constantly trialing the newest developments.  

We have partnered with One Tree Planted and plant one tree on behalf of every single product we sell. 


Our trims and packaging are all based on recycled paper and card and even our mailing bags are made of corn and completely decompostable.  The area of sustainability is developing incredibly fast and we are very excited to be part of the way the industry is changing.   

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