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About Kurma

For both of us, yoga is more than just something we do to build strength and flexibility.  Our yoga practices have taken us on a journey to live with greater honesty, curiosity and compassion, for ourselves just as much as for others.  It has been an incredible gift that so many people miss because they think they are too inflexible, old or overweight for yoga.  It is time to let go of the expectations of the kind of person a yogi is and Kurma wants to help make the journey open to all. 


At Kurma we make men’s and women’s yoga clothing that looks just as good on the street as it does on the mat.  Our goal at Kurma is to be authentic and transparent as we can in the way we make our clothes and in who we are.  After all, at the end of the day, we are all just a work in progress! The one thing we are relentless about, is continually trying to exceed excellence.  We seek out fabrics for yoga that are both eco-friendly as well as technically exceptional, produce in factories close to London that we can personally visit, and rework every design until we can be proud to promote it as Kurma.

Who is yoga for?

Yoga is for every man and every woman.

It is for every age, every body type and definitely for the inflexible!

Yoga is lovely on the beach at sunset but is often most needed in the gritty reality of our messy every day lives.

Yoga is for you, wherever you are, just as you are.

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